Dubai IPC Grand Prix 2017

Dubai IPC Grand Prix 2017

I always like to gain new experiences, and Dubai gave me just that and was somewhere I have wanted to visit for years now. The IPC Grand Prix competition this year was held in Fazza, and it seemed like the perfect place to get a little warm weather training in with a competition at the end. For the most part, the weather was amazing.

The competition itself was Ok, but I must say that the lack of competition did affect me. Disability sport often presents a lack of competitors for some of the smaller competitions; this is one of the reasons that I often compete in able body competitions. I was in a mixed class competition, with visually impaired athletes (T13) and above the knee impairments (T42), but I was the only below the knee impairment athlete (T44). The event was judged via the Raza points system, which makes it a fairer competition for the more disabled classes, allowing them to compete together. It basically means that each height is awarded a certain number of points, and this is dependant on the impairment as well as the world record in that class.

I came away with a Gold medal for the competition, with a bit of prize money to add an extra perk to competing. My height of 2.05m was a little disappointing off the back of a decent indoor season, but I am not fully disheartened because I learnt a lot through the competition. I also met some great guys, including the silver medallist of the London 2012 Paralympics T42 high jump. Its now the time to get back to the grind, work hard to get myself into shape ahead of the outdoor season, and continually push myself back to my pb height of 2.15m and beyond.

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