Its a mini adventure!

Its a mini adventure!

The importance of emotional balance has become even clearer to me over the last week. A week off from training before winding up to Rio, and a time to occupy my mind with something other than life’s normal pressures. And what better way to kick back from athletics, than with a belated birthday suprise adventure organised by my better half.

I was awoken by my partner in her dressing gown, and told that breakfast was on the table. In my half asleep state, I struggled out of bed and stumbled my way downstairs in my own dressing gown. My surprise to find a tasty breakfast on the table, but only a place setting for one…with no sign of the missus! Even more of a shock was finding a little envelope with a number 1 on the front baring a note, which shed some light of the mysterious absence of the girlfriend and the beautifully presented breakfast:

“Good morning to you, there’s time to grab a quick brew, get dressed and clean your teeth too, it’s nearly time for your adventure to begin…wooo!!!”

I thought to myself, ‘Ahh what a babe’, and continued to leisurely eat my breakfast. Before long though, the house phone rang which led me through to the living room. Before even being able to pick up, the phone was cut off, but in that moment I noticed a taxi parked outside. “Aaaaghhh!”. Bare in mind I was still in my dressing gown and birthday suit at this point. As I rushed back through to the stairway, I noticed by my shoes, my wallet, keys and a number 2 envelope:

“Now you’ve hit the goldmine, it’s time to pop on the trainline, a taxi will arrive at 10:15, so keep an eye on the time, I’ll see you by lunchtime!”

This clue had a train ticket to London Euston coupled with taxi money. It was 10:10 at this point, and I have never washed and dressed quicker! Thankfully, I was in the taxi by quarter past and on the way to the train station. Obviously, the taxi driver was informed of the situation and knew where I was heading. I progressed to putting my train tickets within my wallet, to find yet another clue, with a number 3:

“When you arrive, head to left luggage to collect your prize…ensure that you don’t act like it’s a suprise. I wish I could see your face when you realise, look carefully for the next clue as it won’t just arise! P.s. My brother’s birthday is the code…”

At this point I was dead excited! But I held my cool and continued on my journey. On the train into Euston, the topic of discussion came up into conversation with three lovely ladies and one wee one named Amelia (who might I add was one of the most curious and intellegent little girls I have ever met). And FYI ladies, yes, the girlfriend had thrown me off the scent in many ways, one of which was the London Eye tab that I saw on the computer!

Once I got the train at Euston, I picked up a suitcase from the Left Luggage section. It didn’t take me long to find out the code for the padlock, and low and behold…yet another clue, plus a suitcase full of my own clothes (which I had no idea had disappeared from my wardrobe):

“From: Devon (The girlfriend)

For: Jonathan

Date: 5th July

Time: ASAP

Place: Gatwick Airport North Terminal

P.s. One tube and one train”

OMG!!! The airport?!? Where in the world am I going?!? I literally had no idea! I couldn’t help but support a huge grin the whole way to Gatwick. Many thoughts of where I could be going circulated my head. On arrival at gatwick, I must have walked the circumference of the departure lounge about 3 times looking for another clue. When I had just about given up looking, one of the airport attendant ladies approached me saying, “I believe this is yours…”, handing me my passport and the final clue:

“Take the first letter of each word and rearrange…this is where we are going!”

After rearranging the written clues, I decyphered that we were going to the romantic capital of the world…Paris!!! And out of the crowd my girlfriend approached with a huge grin on her face (obviously she was hiding and watching me walk around the airport looking like a mug!). After a nice meal at the airport, off we went! And what an epic adventure I had in Paris too! A tour of the city on a Segway and Disneyland! Who could ask for more!? What a lucky man I am! So as I return into training following my week off, I have the awesome memories of my mini adventure, and a new spur of motivation following the Team GB launch! Next stop, Rio!


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