It was only after the London Paralympics that I realised my impairment made me eligible for Paralympic competitions. I had been playing able-bodied basketball at Loughborough University, alongside studying aeronautical engineering, when a friend and I decided to try high jump to help with our basketball leaps.

During that time, I was spotted by a sports massage therapist who asked about my leg. He just so happened to know the head coach, Paula Dunn. After contacting her,  it started the ball rolling for my international career. Following international classification, I was able to compete in Para-athletic competitions.

In my first major international competition, the IPC Athletics World Championships in Lyon in July 2013, I set a new personal best of 2.08m, attaining a Silver Medal. I was then classed as an international athlete, and went into full time training alongside my clinical work.

The following year, I went on to achieve another Silver Medal in the IPC Athletics European Championships in Swansea in 2014, achieving a lifetime best of 2.15m which at the time, temporarily stood as a world record.

After a rough 2015 with an injury, the World Championships in Doha fortunately saw me claiming another Silver medal.

Following another injury, I then went on to achieve a Bronze  at the European Championships in Grosseto Italy (Razza points system – combined class).

However, overcoming the issues from the previous year, at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, September 2016, I managed a season’s best of 2.10m to secure Silver at my Paralympics debut! The road now begins to Tokyo 2020.

Swansea 2014