The Season Has Begun

The Season Has Begun

It’s been a while since my last post, mainly because of a training camp in Formia, Italy which took up 2 weeks of April. This was perfect for my development, as not only did it give me 2 weeks of high jump specific focus, but it also forced me away from the busy life I lead away from athletics, maximising on my recovery.

I felt I learnt a lot out in Italy, and discovered the completion of the curve my coach has been teaching me over the last few years, as well as leading with a high hip position during my run through. 

Formia Training Camp

That’s not to say that I have it fully sussed yet though, as my first competition yesterday saw some of the bad habits creeping back. I opened my season with a jump of 2.10m and failed out of the comp at my personal best height of 2.15m. You may say that its a great opener to be attempting a personal best, however, I am so much better conditioned now and its very clear to me that 2.15m should be at minimum the bench mark for every competition. I opened my season last year with my personal best, and Im in better shape now then I was then. 

So, reflecting on my 1st comp, where I didnt quite execute the technical model I sussed in Formia, for my next competition, that is my focus. I am flying out to Barcelona on Wednesday to compete in the MEETING KERM PHARMA disability meet. I look forward to the sunshine again during jumping!


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