What an experience!

What an experience!

I can’t express enough how inspirational this experience has been. My aim prior to coming to the Paralympic Games was to enjoy the experience and keep relaxed, all to put myself in a better position for the competition. I feel I did just that. Although the height of my jump wasn’t a personal best, I feel I have taken a step forward in competing at the top stage whilst keeping a cool head. My technical model was fairly consistent with the exception of a jump or two, and the energy I carried into my competition was exactly where I wanted it to be. Overall, to come away with a Silver medal at the biggest international sporting event in the world, is a truly wonderful achievement.

I under estimated the shear size of the games,as well as the amount of walking involved with the athlete village. Believe it or not, an extra few miles a day does have an effect on the tone and condition throughout your body. But the experience has taught me many lessons about what to expect and how to approach such a monumentous competition.

I made a number of thanks before coming out to compete, and I want to reiterate them, because although the nature of athletics is quite individual, it is a huge team effort to get an athlete into a peak performance condition. The week in, week out training regime, programming, recovery and nutritional elements of an athletes lifestyle are all carefully considered and regimented. I would especially like to thank my coach Fuzz Caan again. The last 3.5 years have been filled with many ups and downs (excuse the pun), but we truly know how each other operate and if the last month of training is anything to go by, we have an exciting 4 years ahead building up to Tokyo 2020.

Special mentions need to go to Grant Brown and Paul Harrison too, your help has been invaluable and it wouldnt have been possible without you. By no means am I the finished article yet, but I have a great team behind me that I am confident will push me to the Gold standard. Thanks again guys, you are both great coaches and your athletes are lucky to have you. To my Strength and Conditioning coach, Rob Miller, dont feel too bad that I can out lift you now! Thanks wee man, your continuous support is much appreciated and you have laid the foundations to build on! And another special mention to Carol Jackson, someone I can always rely on for great advice – thank you.

And where would any of us men be, without the love, support and continuous constructive reinforcement from the better half! Behind every strong man, is an even stronger woman! To my darling girlfriend, Devon, thank you for always being behind me and pushing me to be better. I love you very much (and its great to be punching)!

My friends and family provide me with continuous support, and I thank you all for putting up with the sacrifices in the past 3 years; especially you mum!

Rio has provided the stepping stone for the Paralympic legacy. I personally share my thanks to all organisers, volunteers and supporters of the Paralympic movement, and I hope the momentum of the games carries forward to Tokyo and beyond. We can only build on this, and continue to raise the awareness of the sport.

Onwards and Upwards!


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