The mortgage life of an athlete first time buyer…

The mortgage life of an athlete first time buyer…

In other news, now I am starting to feel like a proper adult. I am going through the application process for my first ever mortgage with my other half, Devon. In the world of uncertainty around Brexit, it actually lends to the perfect time for first time buyers to hop onto the ladder.

In the world of athletics, for both the athlete and the supportive other half, having a sturdy base is so important. Athletics comes with so many sacrifices, so having someone who totally understands the struggle is such a blessing and I am privileged to say I have found someone of whom I want to spend my life with. For us personally, we are still long distance with most of our quality time spent together being at the weekends, whilst I train and work in Loughborough and Devon works in Milton Keynes. However, as I look towards the future and starting a family, being closer to my relatives who are based in Berkshire and Suffolk is a big factor for me and Milton Keynes is a great central point.

After successfully receiving a mortgage in principle, we were able to make an offer on, what should hopefully be our new home. Following acceptance of this offer, we then had to wait eagerly for the actual mortgage offer…which came to our delight in the days recently passed. Now its crunch time in waiting for the chain of the sellers (basically waiting for them to get out so we can get in!) and fingers crossed, it’s not too long until we can call ourselves home owners!

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