JBE Paralympic Sponsors

Champions The Brand Agency

Champions provide a platform for public speaking and motivational/after dinner talks. Through sports awards events, Jonathan is able to hone his skills as a speaker whilst inspiring those of all abilities, spreading positivity through his words.


Since becoming a postural analyst for Cione, the relationship between Jonathan and the head clinician, Tim King, has gone from strength to strength. Tim is dedicated to Jonathan and his journey, and supports him with his biomechanics, myofascial release treatments and orthotic development. CiONE as a brand is also in the prototype stages of custom spikes, to maximise on Jonathan’s impairment. Since taking sabbatical leave from his clinical practice in 2018 to focus solely on athletics, Jonathan still maintains a strong relationship with the CiONE team.


Footlabs started sponsoring Jonathan in 2016 following the Rio Paralympics after supporting him in the build up. They are a Sheffield based company that specialise in orthotic development, but more specifically for Jonathan, footwear alterations. Jonathan started using Footlabs in 2014, to build up his training footwear and dress shoes in a more professional and enclosed manner (instead of a simple build up on the outer sole). Footlabs are dedicated to supporting Jonathan through to Tokyo 2020.

As an ambassador for Inspire +, Jonathan frequents school assemblies to inspire the younger generation into getting active and bettering their lives. Inspire+ are a registered, independent charity with education and motivation for primary school children as their main goal. They are making a huge impact in sharing positivity with the education industry.

Jeremy James

Jonathan met Jeremy in 2016, and their shared views in therapy built a strong relationship from the offset. Jeremy sponsors Jonathan with Osteopathic treatments to help keep his spine in a strong and functioning position. Jeremy is sponsoring Jonathan towards Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

Lane 4 develop the skills and behaviours that leaders require to effectively deliver results, drive change and create meaning. They help leaders to develop the vision and communication skills needed to create environments of high support and deliver results. Jonathan together with Lane 4 consultants, bridge the gap between business and sport, sharing experience of the principals behind elite sport and how they are identical to operations in business.

Palmares Consultants

Jonathan met Steve Elkin from Palmares in 2014. Steve being a HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator) Practitioner helped Jonathan work on his mindfulness and mental resilience with the pressures of competition. Palmares now support Jonathan by not only acting as welfare support, but also in creating opportunities to inspire business men and women in workshops, combining the principals of athletics and business to achieve a more efficient work force.

Sutton Coldfield Community Games

Jonathan met the Sutton Games Director, Dennis Kennedy, back in 2014. With a shared interest in promoting the benefits of sport, Jonathan soon became an ambassador for the free annual event, and runs a high jump workshop on one of the days of the games. The team behind the games support Jonathan on his journey and with the network of schools involved in the games, inspiring the younger generation is an achievable task.