Team JBE

Although high jump is an individual sport, there is a huge demand for an efficient team to make the most out of the athlete. It requires expertise in a multitude of disciplines, and great communication between them. Jonathan is fortunate to have the help and experience of some of the most knowledgeable professionals of their fields, and they are all passionate in helping Jonathan become a world renowned Paralympic athlete.


Graham Ravenscroft – Lead Coach – Graham has many years experience of coaching high jump. He has just joined the team to coordinate and program Jonathan’s training regime, but also to assist with communication to the remainder of the team. He is technically working with Jonathan to get the most out of his Talipes foot and maximise his jumping.





Mike Baker – Running Coach – Mike is a fine addition to the team. He is helping Jonathan work on his running mechanics to maximise the efficiency of his gait.




Jeremy James – Osteopath – As of 2016, Jeremy has been helping to stabilise Jonathan’s spine, and improve blocked up fascia and tissue through years of overcompensation for his impairment. Jonathan will see Jeremy once a month to unwind his body after a heavy training block.




Tim King – Biomechanist – Tim has been helping Jonathan since 2008. The nature of Jonathan’s disability also presented postural problems which caused Jonathan a lot of pain. Over the first 2 years, Tim helped Jonathan eradicate this postural pain and get him into a position to train at the highest level. With regular monitoring, Jonathan can train and operate with minimal pain.




British Athletics Medical Team – The medical team at the Loughborough High Performance Athletics Centre (HiPAC) are at the forefront of athlete care. Jonathan has the help and support of Rob Miller  with his Strength and Conditioning and Gemma Jefferson  as lead physio.





Steve Elkin – Welfare Support – Since Steve met Jonathan in 2014, he has acted as a supportive role to get the best out of Jonathan in and away from sport. By helping limit the distractions, there has been a significant improvement to Jonathan’s training and focus. In addition, with his company Palmares, Steve conducts workshops for businesses with Jonathan to help businesses go from Good to Elite.